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Jen Wibs
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

is there a way to have a flow component overlay dismiss automatically (versus onClick).

Some more details: trying to simulate standard in app feedback confirmation when a user completes an action. I.E. You reported this item. Thanks!


Aalok Trivedi

try Utils.delay 2, -> flow.showPrevious()

Aalok Trivedi

under the event that brings up the overlay

Jen Wibs

hm i cant seem to get it to work. beginner here, please bear with me ><
Current code:
archiveBttn.onClick ->
flow.overlay.backgroundColor = new Color ("rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)")
Utils.delay 2, ->

Aalok Trivedi

you have 'flow.showPrevious()' twice. should it go back to something as the overlay happens?

here's an example for an overlay that auto-dismisses

Jen Wibs

just got it to work, i had an indentation issue. thanks a bunch!

Muhammad Athar

Thanks Aalok...

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