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Maximilian Bredow
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

SOLVED: See Blaine's comment for the solution

How do I achieve a more native scrolling experience?

My prototype allows to scroll through and multi-select from a random list of movies. My problem: while moving I can't tap to stop the Scroll animation like in a native app - each tap immediately fires a stateCycle. As a result, it feels somewhat quirky to really select the movies I want to select.

I've been experimenting with onScroll + ignoreEvents but I did not manage achieve the desired result.

Any tips? Thanks!

Link to prototype:


Blaine Billingsley

Yeah, this should do the trick. The idea is you capture whether its' scrolling or not on TapStart, then on TapEnd, decide whether to toggle the line item on that.

Blaine Billingsley
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