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Laürici Dumitru
Posted Sep 10 - Read on Facebook

I've noticed that every time I drop a image asset into the design side it gets automatically put in the /images/design folder in multiple forms.

The problem is that over time I replace a lot of the assets and this folder gets more and more busy. Is there a way to clean this up from assets that are not used anymore in the prototype?


Ian McClure

The easiest way I can think of would be to manage the images myself. Framer is resizing the images so it doesn't have to scale them in memory.

If you know the file that is associated with each of the images you can export at the various sizes and replace those files. Framer should pick up the change and load the images when you refresh.

Matthew Mang

How do you figure out which file is the appropriate one to replace?

Koen Bok

Well add garbage collection in a future update.

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