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Sergi Bosch
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

I'm looking to achieve the following:

start an animation after the flow component has finished it's transition.

currently, I have a Back button that onTap -> showPrevious().

When I land on "previous", I want my animation to fire.

How can I trigger an event based on the completion of my "previous" screen loading?

Currently, I have that animation starting when I tap the Back button...but then I have to account for the delay in the screen transition and add that delay to my animation. Not ideal.

Is there an event listener or some such that understands "on screen focus", or "on flow component animation complete"? Or a way to fake such a listener?



Sergi Bosch

Hi, Adria Jimenez Can I get your advice on this?

James Jun

Maybe try watching the "change:x" (or y) and firing the animation when it hits the point you want the animation to run?

Derek Nguyen

You could try
flow.on Events.TransitionEnd, (layerA, layerB) ->
----# layerB.animate etc.
where layerA is the origin layer & layerB is the destination layer

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