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Alexander Traykov
Posted Sep 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone 👋 I bought the Framer tutorials on Udemy but I'm having a serious issue with the preview screen. Any idea how can I fix this? (All the tutorials are unusable with this issue)


Aditya Narayan

The old projects were pixel based, where as the new framer uses point system. So that might be causing the alignment issue.

Adria Jimenez

Hey Alexander Traykov I'm the creator of the course :) I'm updating the downloadable resources on the course to reflect the latest changes on Framer, but some of them might still use the old sizing. If that happens with the project, check lecture 8 of the course which explains how to easily fix it. (is not that I don't want to post it here, but there is code which doesn't format properly on Facebook).
Remember that if you need, you can always directly message me via the Udemy private messages :)

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