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Richard England-Lee
Posted Sep 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey! Any tips on optimising framer files? Is there a way to minimise the code or anything?

I've optimised all images etc but its still taking a while to load. Do the backups effect load time? Because that file is quite weighty...



Ciaran Madigan

Have you imported from Sketch multiple times?

Ciaran Madigan

File -> Update Framer Library

Ciaran Madigan

Is your prototype slow in framer itself, or just on the cloud/device?

Richard England-Lee

Ah yeh it's greyed out so I guess it's up to date. Prototype isn't slow at all once it's loaded. It just takes a good 3/4 minutes to load from the cloud link. I got rid of most of the back ups and it's helped a bit

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