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Ray Yip
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

Getting Average Color from Image.
(This example only working in Framer Studio because "Utils.randomImage()" are loading images from which doesn't allow cross-origin access.)


Edwin Van Rijkom

Nice Ray! I've been fiddling around a little trying to get things to work from the Cloud as well. I've added an "onerror" handler that will set the returned color to bright red, and I've made sure some of the failure paths still invoked the completion handler. Last, I've set `img.crossOrigin="Anonymous"`. This seems to alleviate some of the trouble, although I am seeing some intermittent CORS failures from still, which I don't really get why. Tweaked version is here:

Guus Baggermans

I always use , maybe that can help?


Thanks for the share!

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