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Erika Bauer
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have workarounds for making protoypes work inside Chrome on PCs running Windows 10? We are having some problems running the audio player that we found here inside a prototype on PC with Chrome.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I have had good luck with Edge and or the Framed Windows app.

Benjamin Den Boer

FWIW these examples are quite outdated. I should really updates these soon. :/

Erika Bauer

Benjamin Den Boer that would be great! I want to put multiple audio tracks on one page (like a list of tracks) that users can test play one at a time inline - not really inside a player. My colleague tried hacking your player to do this but might have made it unusable on the Windows 10. I work on a music software team and the designers love framer -but unless we can get it to work with multiple audio events in one page on Windows 10 I'm not sure we can use it. I haven't tried it with Edge yet but will do - I wasn't sure it would work with Edge browser and have only been running tests in Chrome.

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