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Maximilian Bredow
Posted Sep 05 - Read on Facebook

I want to combine gestures on the same object:

1.) user drags to decide on a card, like so
2.) user taps on a card to show more details (and deactivates drag), like so

My problem: The tap event within the card class overrides the drag event at the end of my code. How can I solve this?

I guess the solution has to do with Conditionals and Event Listening. I came along .ignoreEvents, .isMoving and .isDragging - but I did not yet manage to get it to work



Ian McClure

I've had this same problem. My solution was to use only the drag event but have it do the tap trigger if the drag was under a certain distance.

Brendan Tanner Norris

Unrelated, but what are you using to get this movie data?

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