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Kostas Boul
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. I would like to share a video of the prototype I built last year (May 2016) as part of a student job. It is a prototype of HERE Auto SDK an embedded navigation solution for cars. It contains partial functionalities of the real app and its goal was to be used to serve as a tool to create new ux / ui features. It uses several HERE APIs like geolocation, Places API etc and in the current video it was tested using a location in an outskirt of Athens, Greece.


Michal Bak

Huge project for Framer! How you have structured your prototype?

Nikita Shekhov

That's cool. Nice, could you write a post about the process?

And next time I recommend to crop to prototype before (you can crop it even before recording) uploading on yt.

Jonas Treub

This is awesome!

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