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Alvaro Lourenço
Posted Sep 05 - Read on Facebook

TextLayers used to have an "convertToTextLayer()" utility method that enabled us to edit text layers coming from sketch import.
- Was this dropped/substituted?


Aalok Trivedi

I think this was a part of the textLayer module made by a third party, not framer

Alvaro Lourenço

Well, that's bad.
Feature request: make this automatically when importing :\

Blaine Billingsley

I just asked a similar question the other day. Someone directed me to this

Koen Bok

So one of the reasons to double down on Framer Design for us is that we can make features like this work. In short, there is just no good way to accurately replicate Sketch text rendering in Framer, so we end up grabbing the image. Same for any other styling like borders, shadows, etc.

So even if we would engineer this, it would not look like your design in a lot of cases. This is sort of the same reason you never got Photoshop import in Sketch, emulating a render engine is just almost impossible.

With Framer Design we fully control rendering and can import the full structure and styling. We know it can't do as much as Sketch / Figma / XD yet, but that should be a little less with each release.

We believe that the future design tool is fully integrated between visual and interactive. It just makes sense.

Alvaro Lourenço

Yes, importing sketch into Framer Design would be really really nice, regardless of how much renderer engines can vary. So far I actually got very few discrepancies when manually transferring layouts from Sketch to Framer. Current problem with Framer Design is pretty much this: transferring Sketch work into it means a lot of double work, and most of us cannot just choose Framer over Sketch right now.
From outside, I see you running to put up a good and design friendly workflow, but there's still a lot to get there.

Blaine Billingsley

Related: is there some kind of Utility for taking an object of CSS properties and morphing it into something that will affect TextLayers? I am trying to get the convertSketchToTextLayers function updated for native TextLayers and I'be got it working but it's a bit brute force right now.

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