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Jason Sparks
Posted Dec 13 - Read on Facebook

This is probably asking way beyond what Framer was designed to do but… has anyone
tried to use Facebook auth in a Framer prototype/ CoffeeScript?


Stephen Crowley

Yeah! Here's an old thread that actually wasn't closed out but maybe Marc or Koen could shed some light on it:

Stephen Crowley

Pretty sure George could point you in the right direction as well.

Dean Broadley

I feel like I got this right on a Firebase project once, will dig around and see if I did...

Marc Krenn

Yes, but it's a bit cumbersome to get it working. I wish this was easier but there's nothing I can do about it :(

1) Grab my facebook Graph API module / example here:

2) If Framer (Beta) is running, close it now.

3) In Finder press ⇧⌘G and go to to the following folder:
(you can also right-click Framer in your application folder to get there)

4) In this folder, there's a file called ''. Open with a texteditor of your choice.

5) Go to line 395 and change it from
self.local_ip = u""
self.local_ip = u"localhost"
(btw, this will be overwritten with every update)

6) Go to and create a new app, set "" as Site URL.

7) Then, click the little white arrow on the right of your facebook app and click on "+ create test app". In the test app, set "http://localhost:8000/" as Site URL.

8) Open my example file and replace my appIds with yours (you can find them on the - page)

You should now be able to use user data from Facebook inside of your Framer prototypes, both inside of Framer itself and when shared on :)

Jason Sparks

Thanks for the responses, really helpful. Will look into this later today.

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