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Emmanuel Henri
Posted Sep 03 - Read on Facebook

Sneak peek into Sketch and Framer courses we're shooting next week at Lynda/Linkedin where we build a fictive mobile store for a supplement/apparel sport company.


Muhammad Athar

OMG Yes!! We have been rescued.

Emmanuel Henri

I'll keep you guys posted on when the courses come out.

Adria Jimenez

What did you do to be able to shoot on Lynda? I've contacted them several times in the last 3-4 years regarding shooting Sketch and Framer courses and never got any response... you are lucky :D

Emmanuel Henri

But if you guys feel there are anything missing in the current courses out there let me know!

Saurabh Kumar Suman

Thank you. Waiting for the release! Would be great if we could see the best practices of the workflow as well.

Jorge Borges

Please let me know when they are available. Thank you.

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