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Gary Keeler
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

Has any one used phonegap to wrap a framer prototype before? End goal is an APK for android that can be installed.

I've tried but it seems phonegap doesn't respect the viewport that framer sets. My attempts result in an APK but the prototype is scaled way up. The odd part is when I use the phonegap dev app to preview it, it looks fine. Just when it get's built.


Jordan Robert Dobson

You can set the scale of the entire canvas. So maybe there is a flag that you can set somehow and toggle that on.

Thomas Love

I've been trying to debug this myself. As far as I can tell the code in the head of index.html that sets the meta viewport scale relative to the pixel ratio doesn't get executed on android within phonegap/Cordova. I'm thinking it's a security feature. Could be wrong however.

Thomas Love

Spent about 8 hours on this today. (Had apk signing issues too :/ ) When I come up with a fix I'm gonna post something on GitHub. Hopefully a Cordova boilerplate we can use for framers projects with the settings tweaked

Thomas Love

I've also had some issues with framer module loading on Cordova annoyingly

Thomas Love

Anyone got round the module imports issue?

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