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Nate Galloway
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Could be a premature question as I am only 2 days into the trial and running through tutorials.

But.... Does Framer export individual (image) assets? Or have the ability?


Koen Bok

Not yet. We're mostly focused on interactive output.

But we realize the design part could use image asset exporting, so we might add it.

Nate Galloway

Ok.. cool... Next question is a workflow one. So for UX designers using Framer to prototype (not using sketch, but using the Framer interface to design), is there a workflow to extracting icons/assets? Or is the only workflow to use Sketch (Or PS/Figma)?

Nate Galloway

The design tab is pretty robust, but for a UX designer seems like a unusable feature if you have to extract assets as well. Just trying to see how I would work Framer into our pipeline. I'm enjoying Framer so far.

Brian Williams


Blaine Billingsley

I make assets in sketch and copy them over. Not ideal

Andras Ketler

These guys at Framer are lightyears ahead of all of the other "competitions" in terms of every sense. I can't wait to have a few other features / solutions for asset export, symbols and developer handover (something like Zeplin let's say) in the design tab and it will be the perfect all-in-one tool for designers 🙏

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