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Eelco Lempsink
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

We need your help testing! The latest Framer beta contains many performance improvements and a bunch of cool new features like effects and multiple shadows.

We made many changes under the hood, so if you run into something that’s broken, please let us know!

You can download the beta at

Please note that projects saved with the beta can’t be opened with the normal version of Framer, so make sure you have backups.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yay multiple shadows!

Koen Bok

To get all perf improvements in older projects, you need to update to the latest Framer library.

Ciaran Madigan

Woah. Quite a bit faster. Nice one

Nate Galloway

Do you have to have a valid license to try it?

Langston Richardson


Jon Madison

it's just bouncing and never loading. :-(

João Martin Jr

Marcio Berber Diz Amadeu

Chris Slowik

Soooo many good things!

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