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Marc Ruaix
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! I'm working on a page that has 3 different tabs. I have every tab's content on the same artboard in Sketch, so I basically change the layer's opacity when you move from one tab to the other. But the layers have different length, so there's a lot of extra scroll for the short content tabs. How can I "crop" the length of the document when moving through tabs? Thanks!


Koen Bok

You can change the scroll component height. If you can share your project, I'm happy to show you how.

Marc Ruaix

Hey! Here it goes: In addition, it'd be helpful to know how to set the scroll position to the top when moving through the tabs. I've also noticed that when uploading the project, a keyboard layer is automatically generated. How could I fix that? Thanks!

Marc Ruaix

Koen Bok or anyone? :)

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