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Floris Verloop
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone we just launched a brand new with a singular mission in mind — education. Our redesigned homepage gives you a glimpse of what you can design, while our new dropdown navigation helps you access the learning material faster.

31 video tutorials, 8 iOS/Android patterns, 6 example projects and a UI Kit full of 36 ready-made interactions. All the resources you need to go forth and design.


Krijn Rijshouwer


Benjamin Den Boer


Sabato Urciuoli

Well done!

Stephen Crowley


Mårten Björk

I can't remember the last time I saw a team ship good stuff at this pace. 💯

Langston Richardson

Where are those patterns? (searching)

Marcelo Scharlau Coelho

amazing job! :)

Jurre Houtkamp


Mincho Nikolaev

good good!!!! Amazing amazing!

Ivo Ruijters

Goed bezig!

Jordan Robert Dobson

You guys are killing it!

James Hsu


Sander Värv

so... what's coming out in v100? :)

Holly Jade Chan

🙌🏼 ❤️ thank you!

Mehdi Othmane

Nice !!!!

Nazim Virani

Thanks Floris Verloop

Arturo Goicochea

I see no mention of coffee script (or haven't found it)...does this mean what I think it does :P :O ?

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