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John Lee
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

the new version of Framer seems very buggy - lots of errors for indentation, unexpected end of inputs etc.. anyone else getting this?


Koen Bok

Thanks for reporting. Could you help me with these two things:

- Check if v97 is indeed less buggy with your project:
- If so, share the project with me at [email protected] so I can look into it?

Sorry for the trouble :-(

John Lee

I've gotta dash out - but can try later or tomorrow!

Koen Bok

Anyone else seeing this too?

John Lee

nope, it's the same. Must be something to do with the content of the file.

Marat Tyncher

Downgrade didn't help. Getting a lot of Unexpected identifiers across the project that ran 40 mins ago on the previous version (just updated).

Niels van Hoorn

There are much improvements in the current beta, could you see if you still experience the same buggy behavior there?

Philip Madeley

I'm having issues as soon as I start to use video. Will try the beta and failing that send the file to you guys.

Philip Madeley

So far so good - the Beta version doesn't error out when working with video!

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