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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Are there any examples of using TextLayer as a content-editable Layer out there? I frequently have been using the old 3rd party TextLayer for this.


Brian Williams

How do you mean? As a text input?

Davo Galavotti

Have you tried this module?

Blaine Billingsley

The long story is I've been prototyping various things that tokenize text in an input. I created an autogrowing textarea module a while ago, but it's just plain text, and I've done a couple of seriously horrifying hacks with the old TextLayer module but was gonna start exploring a more well done approach.

Will Rice

I've used Input-Framer a bunch in the past for this, but it still falls apart when you want an input area that grows dynamically (e.g height of the input increases depending on text entered). It feels like a real gap in Framer at the moment and I've had to do some really hacky stuff to get it working.

Andreas Wahlström

Here's a quick attempt: each style is a separate span element so you probably need to update the elements manually. try digging into the framer source code :)

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