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Amrit Mazumder
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

What is an effective way to animate and update Layout?

Scenario: I have a layer called 'container' with 5 vertically stacked boxes. Each box expands to _some_ height. I want to then push the appropriate boxes down, and update the
'container' height with an animation.

I've tried 2 approaches — with and without an animation. Without animations, everything works perfectly. With Animations, it's super buggy and I think its because the expanded box doesn't reach it's new height quickly enough, and the other boxes don't know what to do.

Is there a better way to go about this?

Project —


Amrit Mazumder

Any tangential tips on Layout stuff are also very welcome 🙂. I prototype for desktop tools, and I spend ~45% of my time fixing layout things

Jordan Robert Dobson

Events. Have each box have a buddy layer it reports to OR listens to.

layer1.on “change:height”, (var1, var2, var3) ->

layer2.y = layer1.maxY + 20

Sorry I don’t remember what the var1, var2,... are.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I believe this is what you want.

Steve Ruiz

Hey, I wrote a guide for exactly this design.

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