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Arunkumar Alagarsamy
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

Anybody has Framerbook? How is it?


Michael Cetaruk


Stefanos Kofopoulos

It's great and it's been updated

Márcio Ribeiro

It's great. Probably one of the best paid resources out there. The author creates a lot of free/nice content for the community too, so it's a way to support him.

Koen Bok

I can really recommend it. Tes is a great technical writer, and keeps the book very current.

Mhira Adil

great book and updated :-)

Arunkumar Alagarsamy

Is this good for designers who is new to coding?

Mhira Adil

definitively ! ;-) you will learn how to do your stuff with coffeescript very easily

Gilbert Han
Paul Eichenberg

I've bought it. This book was very good for the first time. IIt's about how to deal with Coffeescript in Framer environment. Then I changed to official website of Coffeescript. And now I'am using JS hacks to get what I want. Coffeescript is a layer to get JS done.

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