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Scott Blissett
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi All,

If i have a global variable set e.g. firstName, is there a way for all TextLayers that use that variable in their template to autoupdate when the variable is changed?

My scenario is using the FlowComponent, initial screens ask for your name, then display it like "Hi {firstName}, then later in the flow a dashboard has "{firstName}'s Dashboard".

The way im doing it at the moment is capturing the onBlur event from the firstName input field and manually update all the textLayers individually.


Steve Ruiz

Other frameworks like React or Angular would do this out of the box, but your only option in Framer is to create an observer design pattern. Here's my five minute version:

Scott Blissett

Nice yeah i might implement something like that if it gets unmanageable, thought there might have been a Framer way to do this out of the box but oh well. Thanks Steve

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