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Lukas Guschlbauer
Posted Aug 22 - Read on Facebook

Ahoj! 🙌

Today I made a big update for the Symbols Module!

* Complete rewrite of the module
* Fixed layer nesting issues
* Add common or specific states to Symbols
* ReadMe Update

Attached is another demo-prototype!

Would be awesome if some of you would download the module, experiment with it and give me feedback and would love your contribution on Github!

⚠️ EDIT ⚠️
The prototype in the preview below is an old version created in Framer Beta, which I can't update or remove! For the new version, compatible with Framer Studio V97, use the link below!



Andreas Michel

Hi Lukas! Seems to be a cool project. Somehow I can't run it on v97. It tells me, that your documents were created with a newer version. Did you create it with the Framer beta?

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