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Utsav Shah
Posted Aug 18 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys, I am new to Framer and I have been trying to get Spotify-like scroll functionality in Framer. I am facing the following problem -
1) Why does the 'Trending' group hide behind and moves up when I create a scroll component but other groups don't?
Here's a link to the Framer prototype -


Dan Bartley

I can't quite tell from the Framer file, but I guess it's something about how the Sketch file was imported. The images look fine, but perhaps the layers aren't set right in Sketch?

Dan Bartley

This was annoying me so here's a quick fix.

Utsav Shah

Thanks a lot, Dan. You're awesome! I am going to look at my Sketch file and see where I messed up the clipping.

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