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Leonard Burton
Posted Aug 18 - Read on Facebook

After I've imported my artboards from Sketch, is there any way in the code to iterate through all of these layers?

I know you can usually do layername.subLayers but this doesn't seem to work here.


George Kedenburg III

subLayers is old syntax, try layer.children

Leonard Burton

subLayers seems to output exactly the same. If I output it to console I can see all the layers in there but it's not an iteratable array so I can't do what I'd like with it.

Leonard Burton

I've had some problems with what I was trying to do but worked around them. The answer to this problem seemed to be using:

for key of sketch
# Iterate through here as needed.

Jonas Treub

Independent from Sketch imports you can iterate over all layers that exist in the current context like so:
print layer for layer in Framer.CurrentContext.layers

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