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Adam Mazurick
Posted Aug 21 - Read on Facebook

I was critical and at times frustrated with the addition of the new design tab that appeared around v93. I was accustomed to working directly inside of the editor. This past week, I found something truly bizarre happening. My workflow was really accelerated by the new utilities. I was able to access icons for a messaging concept at work with relative ease using the new icon feature. A collection of icons was extremely accessible and it's a decent catalogue. Dynamic text made it easier to prototype too. When dealing with multiple text objects, manipulating them was just easier in Framer. I also stopped using Sketch as much. I was using Framer as a substitute for Sketch in a lot of respects. It took a while to absorb but it's dope.


Mike Johnson

Yep, my new workflow has a lot to do with swapping parents and removing events than worrying about the layout in code

Ray Alexander

I'm not critical or frustrated. But I have simply ignored the design tab to date. Maybe someday ill use it but for now the cost of learning the system seems too high.

Alex Cleary

Needs better shape support or a pen tool. Maybe down the road

Koen Bok

I think a deeply integrated direct manipulation editor where you can express things declaratively (style, structure) and an optimized code editor make a lot of sense together. We're seeing it in the numbers, too.

David Plakon

I just started using it on a project and I'm into it. What'd be cool is some sort of Symbol / Class relationship for duplicating components.

Adam Mazurick

I'm inclined to agree with Sergey Voronov State manipulation in Design would be helpful. Ray Alexander I understand you POV. It certainly is a time investment. I'm glad I started incorporating it into my workflow. The keyboard toggle(⌘ + 1 or ⌘ +2) lets me work between design and code so easily and effortlessly. No more fiddling with grouping layers in Sketch and reimporting. Koen Bok Not surprised that the numbers suggest better adoption rates. I guess the challenge is that it's a fundamentally different paradigm shift in design. What you've done is very much so outside a Designer's Mental Model, however, it's not so outside the Mental Model that the customer can't understand the Value Proposition and quickly get to work. I'd still like to see 1) Touchbar Support (like Xcode with comments and hints) and better Developer Handoff Support. Something like 3) An easier way to draw svgs and do shapelayer-type animation. Like Lottie from Air BNB. This is still somewhat a pain in the butt. I'm still using Proxy layers to adjust the path length.

Giovanni Caruso

Ehi Adam Mazurick, would you mind sharing some example of 3)? Still struggling with SVGs

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