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Tom Ellwood
Posted Aug 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if it's possible for an overlay to be a fluid size? i.e. all my designs are for iPhone 7 size, then if you view an overlay on anything other than the original device, it doesn't scale - unlike art boards/layers.


David Plakon

if you use framer to design, the framer artboards should scale I believe. Won't work on sketch imports bc framer imports them as images.

Tom Ellwood

All designed in framer - artboards are scaling fine when using flow.showNext(), but any of the flow.showOverlay...() seemed to be a fixed size.

David Plakon

ah, yes I'm having some issues with the flow component sizing as well. It's not adjusting as I dynamically add information to it.

Tom Ellwood

Ahh managed to figure it out actually - the artboard device was set as 'None', whereas everything else was set to 'Apply iPhone 7'. When I changed it to be set to the same device, the overlay scaled to the device size correctly.

Tom Ellwood

Hmm the problem persists for any overlay that isn't the full size of the screen, i.e. a floating settings sidebar that overlays from the side; it won't stretch to the full height of the screen... any thoughts anyone?

Tom Ellwood

...literally problem solving as I'm going along.

For anyone else that has this issue; I did the following

flow.current.height = Screen.height

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