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Nikolas Tsoor
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, is there any easy way to show up a camera feed layer in framer?


Rhys Merritt

Hi Nikolas - Yes there is! :) I did this a few weeks ago

This uses Keishi Tsuchiya's Camera Layer module found here:

Rhys Merritt

One thing though - it does not work on device (for me anyway)... It only works on desktop using Chrome browser

Nikolas Tsoor

That will do. Thanks a lot!!

Stephane Massey

Cool, would love better camera support for on device prototyping. Nice example.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You can use my input field module. But it’s the standard camera roll feed

Nikolas Tsoor

standard camera roll feed is excellent, where i can find the input field module?

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