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Arturo Goicochea
Posted Aug 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
Looking for thoughts and tips for using Framer for prototyping for desktop/web. Like:

- What approach to take for responsive?
- Do responsive, or just a fixed resolution?
- Best approach: simulate window with desktop as a background on a fullscreen window or load in browser as a tab?

And anything else you can think of :) thanks in advance!


Arturo Goicochea

Fwiw, I’ve used it for desktop web and just did a fixed size since I wanted to focus on interactions + landing on a system that was just for desktop (not responsive)

Arturo Goicochea

Curious if anyone uses other stuff (pure HTML+CSS+JS, React, etc) when doing this sort of thing...

Arturo Goicochea


Javier Eduardo Treviño

I am really interested in this as well. Just think about it guys... While apps are much more entrepreneurial, there are far more websites being designed on the day to day

Steve Ruiz

I wouldn't recommend Framer as a tool for building browser-based prototypes. I've switched to web prototyping in React. The development environment takes some time to set up, and of course React is its own thing with its own learning curve, but there are some excellent UI kits (material, semantic) that make the work very fast once you get going. Definitely worth throwing a few weekends at if your main projects are web apps.

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