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Celeste DeMartis
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

what am i doing wrong here? trying pointer module for the first time....

Andrew Nalband i'm sure you can help :)


Cameron Luck

Try this:
print pointer.screen(event, layer).x

If you still have issues, when I added Pointer to my project I used the line:

{Pointer} = require "Pointer" and anywhere I referenced it, I used Pointer

Celeste DeMartis

no luck

Celeste DeMartis

oh wait tried your second suggestion and it worked!

Celeste DeMartis

thank you :)

Andrew Nalband

Beat me to it!

Andrew Nalband

Glad you got it working!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Daaaang. I don’t even know how old that module is. Glad to see it’s still being used. :)

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