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Alex Clayton
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

Having a weird font issue. Using this code:

fReadout = new TextLayer
text: "#{fCounter}"
color: "white"
fontSize: 100
fontFamily: "GCD 07 Segment"
x: 460
y: 440

I have the font installed on my computer and it works fine in all of my applications and in Design mode of Framer (see attached) but when I try to call it in Code mode, it won't work. All of my other installed fonts work fine when I call them. Any suggestions?


Ian McClure

Might be under a different name in the system. I think opening it up in font book will give you the name you need.

Alex Clayton

I checked font book and it's showing the same name "GCD 07 Segment".

Ian McClure

Try "GDC 07 Segment 07 Segment." It might need the font name and the weight.

Alex Clayton

Nope, didn't work. 😕

Ian McClure

There is a Utils.insertCSS() you could trying doing an @font-face in there and see if it works.

Alex Clayton

How would I import the font if it's not a web font and is already installed on my computer?

Ian McClure

It would look something like:

Utils.insertCSS(@font-face {font-family: yourFont; src: url(<the absolute file path to the font you want to use.>;)})

Alex Clayton

Unfortunately that didn't work either. Thanks for your help though Ian.

Andrew Nalband

Alex Clayton do you have a link to somewhere I can download the font? I can't seem to locate anything called GCD 07 Segment online. These don't appear to match what you're using:

Alex Clayton

It's a custom font for our company. I guess it's a good thing you couldn't find it :) I figured it out though. Turned out to be just a stupid naming mismatch. In font book it's named "GCD 07 Segment" but when I looked into the detailed info for it in font book, the unique name is "GCD-SevenSegment". Problem solved. Thank you both for your help though!

Paul Kooi

Does it work on mobile? How might you move the font so it works on a clients phone? Thoughts?

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