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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook


I'm trying to import the pixi.js HTML5 Canvas library as a npm module in a Framer prototype but I haven't had luck following the official docs despite doing It exactly as the tutorial, It's my first time trying to import a JavaScript library , So I was wondering if someone could help me out here. Thanks ;)


Javier Eduardo Treviño


Andrew Nalband

Javier Eduardo Treviño I opened this project expecting to see a line of code something like "pixi = require('pixi.js')" where you import the pixi.js library, but I don't see anything like that. Where are you trying to do the import? Here's an example of a project that imports a js file that gives you a Gaussian distribution that I found here ( You'll find that in my Framer project there's a file called gaussian.js in the modules folder.

It's possible if you can give an example of the result you want to achieve there's an easier way.

Andrew Nalband

You might also check out the way Davo Galavotti imports the d3 javascript library into the index file in his Framer project here:

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