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Tom Park
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

I know Framer is used primarily for mobile app prototyping but I've been using it for web app prototyping and I keep running into the same issue - does anyone have a good way to handle simple Stack view style behavior in Framer?

For example I have a Nav menu where I want to expand one item and have the others slide down into the correct position.

This always seems to devolve into a mess of logic to recalculate the y positions of the layers. I want to be able to stack a group of layers and have them reposition intelligently when other layers in the stack change - which is the behavior the HTML provides by default.


Lukas Guschlbauer

This module helps you with that:

Danaan Clarke

Tom, let me know if you get this working. I went the "mess of logic" route, and it's a pain

Andrew Nalband

Like an accordion? Check out Jonas Treub's solution here:

Danaan Clarke

Andrew More like a folder structure or nested tree (i.e. Google Drive, where you have folders with subfolders)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Its really just dealing with events... have each layer have a buddy layer and have it tell it's buddy to change if it changes.

Andrew Nalband

Danaan Clarke like this?

Danaan Clarke

Andrew yes, exactly! This is great

Andrew Nalband

Glad it works!

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