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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

Can we discuss best practices for more complex, modern view transitions?

I'd be interested to know how others are handling this. We are entering a new trend of depth / perception where we almost have no sense of the "pages" found in our previous navigation paradigm. Instead everything is connected on a single floating canvas, with more complex animations really taking center stage.

I have a feeling the best way to handle this is with custom flow transitions and states, but I'd love to know how you all tackle this while still keeping some sense of organization / structure to your apps!


Tiffany Kosa

This is how technology has always handled it. You either load a new screen, you hide and show, or you dynamically load via Ajax. Smoke and mirrors.

Matthew Mang

Depends on what you're trying to do, but perhaps the cleanest way is making classes for common pages and dynamically loading them with the appropriate content. As for the connected animation, you can always make a copy of the original element and animate that before showing the dynamically loaded new page.

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