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Jennifer Mostert
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

I'm working with our UX team to create a Framer code library for fonts, icons, typography and colors. I'm hoping to create a file of global preferences and host it (playing with it for colors first). I'm hoping they can link to it in their projects and not need to put any files in the Framer project folder. I know you can host CSS and images and point to them, but I'm not sure about a file of preferences. Any help would be really appreciated. I've combed all of the various tutorials and blog posts that I can find at this point.

Thanks so much,


Ciaran Madigan

Could you use firebase?

Lukas Guschlbauer

Maybe the approach Marc took on his "testDrive"-snippet, with localStorage could be a good starting point! 🤔

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