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Alexandre Lordelo
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

Is anyone here also using Xcode/Swift for prototyping? I started a few first tests, and would like to hear some opinions...


Brian Williams

Prototyping tools were created because they are faster to do design iterations on than using UI frameworks.

Brian Williams

I mean most UI libraries arent exactly slow I would say cocoa has one of the slower ones thanks to it not having a human readable markup language. XAML/ Html etc is far quicker.

Alexandre Lordelo

got it. But there seems to be a ton of open source modules where you can customize things, right? However, I'm finding Xcode super complex!

Camile Custodio Orillaneda

I'm starting to learn. It actually isn't that bad!

Bhaskar Ravi

Honestly not a great idea to prototype in a development environment. Much faster to roughly prototype out ideas in Framer etc. Once you've created the base and logic, then it's worth porting over into a production environment, but with the given considerations and suitable architecture needed to support a continuously developing codebase within that environment.

Even if you have a simpler environment (arguably React Native etc) it's worth going Framer first. There's a reason so many of the big tech giants have given it a shot!

Bart Simons

If xcode/swift is a bit intimidating you could also have a look at React Native. I'm learning it and I'm able to build really basic stuff myself now. If you have Javascript knowledge it isn't that hard either. By using your own components or component libraries you're able to prototype pretty quick aswel.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I prefer to use Framer to prototype but it is doable to prototype in Xcode/Swift. a few people do it , I actually bought this course recently and it teaches you exactly just that, it's good.

Javier Eduardo Treviño
Javier Eduardo Treviño

I do think it's a great course , and it's a valid way of doing things but it's much more Time consuming and slow.. I would only recommend it for iOS-only developers/designers, If you're planning to become good at other platforms, not so much. In fact I haven't been able to finish it because I've been working on some projects that are NOT iOS apps ( websites, android apps) so yeah.. it's very narrow, but still an interesting workflow

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