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Jurre Houtkamp
Posted Aug 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone,

We’re super excited to introduce Fiber, our very first UI kit. Whether you’ve been a pro for a while or you’re just starting out with Framer, this is a kit with fully customizable UI elements, all hooked up to interactions in Code that you can keep together or pull apart. Starting on your next Framer project is now easier than ever, so download Fiber for free here —


James Hsu


Aditya Narayan


Javier Eduardo Treviño


Koen Bok

Well done Jurre Krijn and Floris.

Didi Medina


Jair Silva

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Adrian Mendoza

Incredible, thanks so much! Love this community, keep up the good work guys/gals. =)

Dmitriy Markov

Know, that s-th like this will come true. Well done!

Sergey Voronov

great job:) are u guys planing to do material kit using design mode +code components? we were exploring some ideas with Steve Ruiz but if its on your radar, probably not worth for us spending time:)

Rohan Shah

Dan Stepanov

Ahmet Bekteş

It is hard to follow up the new features :)

Joshua Asokanthan

Mark J Harvey

John Palacios

Dang - when do you guys sleep?! Thank you 👏

Tiffany Kosa

this is pretty awesome.

Rupa Chaturvedi

You guys are doing great. Would be awesome to see some love given to your support experience. Can't seem to get anyone to talk to

Tiffany Kosa

How about add a feature like the little circle that adds a layer to the code, have options on how many times to repeat it and the padding settings too?

Bomho Lee


Eric Knudtson


Grzegorz Róg


Márcio Ribeiro


Daniel Remes

Great! I think designers like me can learn coding in Framer much easier by learning from this :)

Muhammad Athar


Atilla Deniz

Wow!! One question how you made this video? 👀 with keynote or after effects or what?

Chris Boy

Hi Jurre Houtkamp, i have problems with framer preview and need it fix till tomorrow. Can you help me?

Paweł Szroeder

Hi Jurre Houtkamp! I have question about license - is it possible to use Framer after a year when subscription will end? Of course without updates. I can't find information about that. Thanks!

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