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John Kowalski
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey all 🤘
Was planning on starting up a 30 day framer UI challenge, but this resource - - doesnt seem to be sending me any emails haha.

If anyones familiar with this site, do you know if it's still active? if not are there any good equivalents?


Muhammad Athar

I don't know why but for some reason most of the tutorial sites for Framer have been left unattended or abandoned completely. The Framer Book by Tes Mat / prototyping with framer by Kenny Chen / And now this.

Likkie Xiong

First of all...Hi John!! I would love a chance at a daily framer too...I think the reason many are abandoned bc the product evolves too often for a daily framer to keep up with.

Daniel Evans

Is there any good places to learn then?

Vlad Tyschuk

Maybe the problem is that it was offered for free?

John Kowalski

Yeah I agree. But I think a fluid resource would be cool. Like a daily framer focused around the basics that adds to itself over time.

But I guess it'd get tough over time to keep it up to date. If it were free.

Muhammad Athar

Yes. Check out the articles on Medium. There more than enough. Specially the 100 day framer challenge.

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