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Delphia Pijpler
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

Why are my text blurbs getting reformatted when I switch from 'design mode' (left) to 'code mode' (right)? See attached image


Linas Laucys

Text box must be too narrow. Design mode allows for text overflow while code mode seemingly does not.

Delphia Pijpler

or do I need to type it manually in code mode?

Delphia Pijpler

how do I extend the width of the text box in design mode?

Delphia Pijpler

if i stretch the box out, it just makes the font size larger

Delphia Pijpler

Answer! This box needed to be clicked (the blue one)

Tiffany Kosa

I'm guessing it loses its styles when you break it apart from the design mode.

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