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Eldar Burnashev
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

Hey, all! Is there an easy way to do this kind of count down?
My idea was to create text layers from 9 to 0, place them below the 0:10 and animate each one with 1 sec delay but I'm struggling with the code pattern here, should it be a for-loop or something else?


Jonas Treub

Check out this text release example:

Jonas Treub

More examples can be found in the blogpost:

Eldar Burnashev

Jonas Treub thanks for the link! I think my main question here is more about that tiny animation from bottom to top. I can set up animation for each layer but thought there is a prettier way to do that. :)

Jonas Treub

Clocks like this are pretty hard to make right because they get out of sync pretty easily. Here is an example how to set it up with multiple classes. One class instance for each digit and a clock class to manage the digits:

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