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Joost van der Ree
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

is there an easy way (preferably in Design) to make layers automatically adapt based on size or position of other layers?

see example in video: here the body's position and the container's size responds to the title's height, so when I'm testing it on different screen sizes or languages it doesn't break.


Jonas Treub

Unfortunately its not possible to change text styles dynamically. A quick hack would be to use scale:
text.originX = 0
text.originY = 0
text.scale = Screen.width / 375

Jonas Treub

Another option. By separating the title and body text into two different text layers you can do the following in code:

ratio = Screen.width / 375
verticalSpace = text.y - title.maxY

title.fontSize *= ratio
text.fontSize *= ratio

text.y = title.maxY + verticalSpace

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