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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

Here's an interesting problem - has anyone tried to create a tab bar using the flow component? I'm thinking with the built in show previous / show next functions, this could cause some issues, as it could throw off the ordering of your layers.

I can think of some hacky ways to do it but I'm wondering if anyone's come up with an elegant solution :)


Matthew Mang

It doesn't throw off layer orders as far as I know... Here's a quick example here, which combines design view with flow component:

Matthew Mang

One change I would love to see in flow component though is having dynamic headers be integrated into flow component so that you can have different flow headers for different pages

Bhaskar Ravi

Thanks for this Matthew Mang works perfectly :) I was running into problems in a larger app, where I was using a flow component for both tab navigation and view navigation. ShowPrevious() would throw some unexpected issues when dealing with overlays, as coming from a tab to a subview I would sometimes be thrown back to the old tab somewhat unexpectedly. I've also had issues w/ header and footer layout w/ flow components, after jumping from tab to tab and removing both values - totally agree that it'd be awesome to have dynamic headers / footers.

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