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Delphia Pijpler
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

How can I share my framer application with my client on their mobile device?


Tiffany Kosa

You def don't want it opening in Safari, so I think they have the DL the app. Safari puts the URL and other UI on the top and bottom and it pushed the app from the top

Delphia Pijpler

thanks Radek Kyselý ! Mirroring is cool, but my client is in a different city. Any more suggestions?

Delphia Pijpler

Also, what if you're running off of cellular data, and not wifi?

Tiffany Kosa

You really need to go native. If you can't, then upload it to your server.

Steve Ruiz

Ask if they can install the Frameless browser for iOS, then open the web link on using that browser.

Radek Kyselý

Delphia They can run prototype in the iOS app from URL :)

Keith Weaver

For iOS, the Frameless app is great. For Android it's a bit of a different problem to solve. I have an Android user test going on right now in 15 different cities with a Framer prototype that I'm serving from the Framer Cloud to a kiosk app I installed on each device. This lets me run the prototype from the cloud fullscreen. That's the best workaround I've found for user testing remotely outside of iOS.

Steve Ruiz

Which app? I'm trying to find a solution for Android. Performance is pretty awful in all the browsers I've tried, too.

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