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Rohan K
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

[SOLVED] Pardon my ignorance, but i just only realized that just because a parent layer's opacity = 0 does not mean its child layer's opacity is also 0. This is a major problem for me because I based an entire module on the opposite assumption. Can someone help shed some light on how can I set layer's children's opacity = 0 when the layer opacity is set to 0?


Radek Kyselý

Maybe listen to "change:opacity" event on the parent and modify its children opacities respectively?

Radek Kyselý

This will do :)

Rohan K

do you think i could make this work with the layer class (instead of one specific layer) so that it applies to every layer in the project?

Jordan Robert Dobson

You could also set it up for an event for whenever a layer gets a child layer you set it up a similar way and just assign it’s opacity too.

Tiffany Kosa

OMG, this all seems so much easier with html/css/js. Presentational CSS FTW!

Trying to make global styles and animations is such a pain in Framer.

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