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Jon Madison
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

Anyone else experience latest Framer being slow to pick up on refreshes? Sometimes it'll add new elements to the page upon typing changes, for the simplest of prototypes. The hierarchy is reflected properly, it's just that the actual prototype display screen isn't being refreshed. i switch between design and code and it keeps throwing layers on top (as evidenced by the opacity strengthening each time i flip back and forth)



Derek Nguyen

I'm curious, why the copied layer is placed into Framer.Device.screen? It's not the usual place for Framer content layers to be, the copied layers don't show up in the hierarchy. I think the preview only reload layers placed inside Layer content when you switch between code & design, not layers in Framer.Device.screen.
If you do `print Framer.Device.screen.children` after switching between tabs for awhile you'll see many duplicate of copied layers with the same, a sign that layer are not supposed to be placed there

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