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Eldar Burnashev
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

[SOLVED] Hey! Missing something with scaling. Want to make a simple scale up - scale down button animation. But after scaling up to 1.1 it never goes back to 1.0. I guess it's because after scaling to 1.1, that size becomes the new "1.0", so any thoughts on how to do that?


Eldar Burnashev

Here is the gif, button scales up but doesn't go back (stays like on the last frame)

Jens Nikolaus

Eldar Does this help you?

Tiffany Kosa

States make sense in this.

Tiffany Kosa

This is a good example too

Chris Slowik

Use animationEnd to chain the animation

Fabian Degenhardt

You can try buttonStart.onAnimationEnd ->

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