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Rohan K
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

[SOLVED] getting an error when initializing the flow component :(
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this._stack.length')

I think, the error is on line 82 of (but I could be wrong)
get: -> return @_stack[@_stack.length - 1]?.layer


Andrew Nalband

Kind of hard to debug this for you if you don't attach your project :)

Rohan K

Unfortunately project is confidential :(
I'm trying to remove stuff to narrow down to the possible cause.

Rohan K

Andrew Nalband I managed to solve this by copy pasting my code into a new project line by line. I was trying to narrow down on which code chunk was causing the issue, but I couldn't find anything 🤔
and now it works!!

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