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Tiffany Kosa
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

How do you loop a design layer? As in, you made a group of elements in design mode, and now you want to loop them. I can do it just fine if I code the layer in. Design/code confuses me because you don't call the layer yourself in the code.


Tyler Smith

Make sure your design layers are set as targets, and you can give them the name you want to use in code.

Tiffany Kosa

But if you never call it as a new layer, how can you loop them?

Andrew Nalband

Try layer.copy()

Tiffany Kosa

I feel like hand coding HTML/CSS/JS would be easier than this. 😰

Andrew Nalband

Hmm that sounds strange. If you want to attach your project I can take a look

Alex Cleary

Would like to know how this works also

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