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Aki Fukai
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
I cannot use Framer even though I purchased a currently valid license.

As I understand I should be able to run framer on two mac. I t works on one of them.

*Personal mac:*
- Pushed into trial even though me valid license shows up under Framer › License with the expiration date in the future and the correct asdactivation number.

*Company mac*
- Trial Expired
- Activation Error "no activations left for this number"

This is frustrating and confusing.
It might be caused by lack of usage/updates over a longer time — because of a shift of priorities (as this is likely to happen in a startup environment like mine :/)


Andrew Nalband

You can message support and ask them to deactivate any authorized machines. Then you can re-authorize on the machines you want to use. You should be able to run it on 2 machines.

Aki Fukai

Thanks so much Andrew, is email the only way to go or is there a faster channel available?

Andrew Nalband

Email is what I used, and the only method I know

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